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About us

Northhouse Holiday Homes ("Sønderhus Ferieboliger" in Danish) is a self-owned family busines that rent out holiday homes - mainly in South Jutland, Denmark. We, i.e. Tabea, Jens, Jan, Claudia and Bettina have a profound knowledge about the individual houses, we have for rent. As we live in Gråsten and Sønderborg, you can always relay on compentent advice regarding local acitvities and attractions and where to get value for your money.

A holiday in South Jutland is always a special experience. Go sightseeing in the beautiful country side and experience the relaxed atomosphere, the beach life and the holiday activities - then you will notice, that the region is perfect for a stay in a holiday home. By Diernæs beach (Haderslev), Kragesand (Broager) and Kerneland (Als) you will find some very nice beaches. Also, it is a true joy strolling down the pedastrian streets and seeing the peculiar local shops in the old towns like Åbenrå, Haderslev and Sønderborg. If you are more into nature, the beautiful woods around Gråsten provides an excellent location for a nice stroll getting some fresh air. Moreover, a stay in South Jutland may easily be combined with a shopping trip into Northern Germany, where items like chocolate, brandy and wine are a lot cheaper than in Denmark.

South Jutland offers a variety of activites and attractions for everybody. In Sleswig (Northern Germany) you have the fun parc Tolk Show for families with small children, and in Nordborg you have the science and fun parc Universe, which is an exciting place for wannabe scientists / engineers or just curius adults that never really grow up. South Jutland is also known for its delicious restaurants and local dishes, and of course we will gladly provide you with recommendations and informations about the region.

In short - we are looking forward to helping you get an enjoyable and unforgettable vaction in South Jutland.


Os alle


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