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  • The island Alsen, connected to Jylland by means of a bridge, is a great place for a vacation: It has some nice beaches, a range of sight seeing choices and it lies not far from the Danish - German border. In the southern part of Alsen you have the holiday homes settlement called Skovmose, in the north you have Købingsmark, and on the east coast you have Mommark, Fynshav and Kettingskov.

    Skovmose and Kerneland is situated in the midst of the green nature with small villages, and the 5 kilometer long beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the region. When you drive down the road to the southern part of Alsen your eyes are sure to lay rest on the lighthouse, known for its weather reports. Futher east you have Sønderby beach, which is an idyllic fishing village on the Baltic shore. Thatched houses and hollyhock flowers, reminiscent of 19th and 20th century village life, give you a true sentiment joy, and making your mind switch automatically to "holiday mode".

    In the north of Alsen you have the leisure parc Universe, which is a technical fun parc for children and playful adults. Klik on "Als Kegnæs" below the small map above, in order to see our holiday homes on Alsen.

  • I the area between Sønderborg and Åbenrå there are seveal nice holiday home settlements. Vemmingbund, with it's inviting sandy beach, is probably the best known. But also in Rendbjerg / Marina minde and in Fiskenæs by Gråsten, recent years have wittnessed a rise in the number of modern holiday homes. The furtile soil and the lush and hilly country side makes hiking and cycling a true joy. From Vemmingbund, hvor the old Gendarm path streches along the shore, there are only 10 km til Sønderborg - nice litlle ride on a bycycle. From the holiday settlements in Gråsten there are 15-20 km to Aabenraa. For people who are interested in the historical knowledge about the region, Dybbøl Mølle and "Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke" is certainly worth a visit. In the area, you will also find a lot of known and unknown restauranter, a.o. Fakkelgården. You will find a variety of diffent activities for both young and less young, for instance the water parc Marina Fiskenæs in Gråsten and in the water parc in Aabenraa. If you go across the border to Germany, you will find the fun parc Tolk Show, for smaller children. In nothern Germany you also have the former danish city of Flensborg, where many people choose to go shopping and save some. On the page "Holiday in Sønderjylland" you will find general information about vacation and holiday homes in South Jutland. Click on the small map to see the houses we have for rent in the area around Gråsten, Sønderborg and Aabenraa.

  • In the holiday home settlements Genner, Diernæs, Kelstrup, Flov and Årøsund, you will find some of the best beaches of South East Jutland. Near Årøsund lies the beautiful and unspoiled vacation island Årø, where small streets, beautiful stone hedges and old farm houses makes sight seeing in the country side a pleasant experience. On Årø you will also find a lovely beach "Sydstrand" and some impressive protected bird habitats. On the main land you will find the old town Haderslev, which is approx 700 years old. In the sommer months you can here find out door theater events, koncerts, sail boat racing on Haderslev fjord, canoe trips, golfing etc. On the shores of Lille bælt you will find many good fishing spots, but also Jels Lake attracts fisher men from both near and far. In Jels you can each summer experience the Jels Viking Plays, whisch is considered major cultural event in the region. In short, the region around Haderslev offers a great many leisure time choises, festivities and events.

  • With approx. 30 km to both Rømø, Haderslev and the Danish-German border, Arrild is a geografical center for a well organized vacation with a large array activity choices. In this holiday settlement, you will find a fishing lake, a restaurant, an indoor water parc, mini golf, petanque lanes, tennis court, a supermarked and more. By renting a holiday home in Arrild, you can same a lot of money in comparison with the holiday homes on the Atlantic coast, where prices have rising to unaffordable highs. The holiday homes in Arrild ferieby are all situaged on large lots surrounded by tall trees, thereby shielding off potential noise from neighboring houses. If you like hiking, you will find a protected heather area nearby, so that you can unite the joys of fresh air and the healthy benefits of exercise. In brief, a holiday in  Arrild Ferieby has a lot to offer, especially for families with smaller children.

About Northhouse Holiday Homes

My name is Jens Staadsen Petersen, and I was born in 1966. In 1997 I started the company Northhouse Holiday Home. The first house I started renting out was a small brick house which my father built in his prime on small piece of land overlooking Flensborg Fjord, which was difficult to cultivate. He must have thought: "If I cant grow anything there, why not build a summer house?". When my grandmother died the appartment she used to have on the farm, was conveniently converted into a rental accommodation. And then I had two rental units. "Yes, I'm in buisness now", was my thought. The tenants were mainly German, and my German was quite bad. Later it improved a lot, especially after I married a german girl in 2002. My wife's name was Tabea Ruckdeschel and she came from Dessau in the former GDR.

Today we have about 250 nice holiday homes for rent. Most of these holiday homes are situated in Sout East Jutland. We have a few holiday homes on the Atlantic coast, a couple on Funen, a few in Middle Jutland a few in North Jutland and 1 on Sealand.

The holiday home bookings take place on this internet site, mainly through the German and the Danish interface. In recent years we have had around 1500 bokings per year. In spring 2010 my wife (Tabea) became full time employed and in 2011 our small company was transformed into a private limited company. Today we are 4 people, plus the cleaning staff, working in the company.